The issue of technology has become of crucial importance. Technology fosters the possibility of both empowerment and alienation. It harnesses the forces of progress and an empowerment, yet simultaneously also incites technological amnesia and anesthesia. These extremes have always been questioned in philosophy but the exponential growth of technology in an epoch of science and capitalism seems to raise these extremes to the point of endangering the possibility of questioning itself. Contemporary technology often acts on levels that escape every possibility of awareness. Capitalist economy is mainly interested in empowering consumption. Together they threaten the possibility of questioning our mode of existence, our society, our ‘selves’. In recent years the impact of technology on our lives has been growing exponentially without the necessary development of a critical thinking on its modes of existence. To address this need we have to develop a general organology.

Topics include :

  • Tertiary retention : mnemonics and the question of politics of memory
  • General organology, protheticity and grammatisation
  • Technics and adoption: noötechnics and technics of the self (Kant, Foucault, Winnicott, Wolf)
  • Technology, proletarianisation and the industrial politics of spirit
  • Technology  in the work of Simondon, Canguilhem, Leroi-Gourhan, Habermas and Stiegler.