Individuation / Transindividuation

Simondon situated the question of individuation at the heart of our technical modernity. His concepts resonate more than ever but also require further development and updating. Today, digital technologies have exponentially accelerated grammatisation. As we relegate ever more thoughts, memories and bodily functions to machines it becomes necessary to re-interrogate the organology of individuation. Bernard Stiegler has underscored the risk of de-individuation and proletarianisation in this paradigm. For him, understanding the dimension of transindividuation depends on a general organology, which links the problems of technè, political economy and becoming. What is the new status of the hybrid “tropistic unity” of individuation Simondon described between psyche, collectivity and technogenesis? Can there be a preindividual field in the digital realm of discrete bits? How has recent technology, science and philosophy changed our understanding of the complex metastabilities that define human life?

Topics include:

  • transindividuation and the organology of online social networks
  • processes of discretisation and indexation
  • transductive processes and knowledge
  • individuation in recent speculative ontologies, hybrid ontologies
  • organology of individuation processes, second-order cybernetics and technologies of control
  • individuation and complexity theory
  • individuation, epistemology and the organology of the sciences
  • organological conditions of metastability and psychological becoming
  • the politics/ethics of transindividuation and its organological conditions
  • co-individuation of humans and the organology of mnemonics