Upcoming Special Issue in Parallax

Noötechnics, Parallax, April 2017

The question of how technics condition thought has increasingly been debated in the last hundred years in a thread of critical inquiry running through Benjamin, Deleuze, Flusser, Heidegger, Kittler, Simondon, and Stiegler. This parallax issue, entitled Noötechnics, will address the problem of technics in relation to culture, mind, and imagination with a special attention to the role algorithms increasingly play in collective and individual life. By focusing on the relation between noos and teckné, the issue will both assess the current impact of the society of control and offer speculative accounts of possible ways beyond it. Based on original research from scholars in the fields of media theory and critical philosophy, Noötechnics will focus on the recent globalization of algorithmic modes of cultural production. Specifically, through the re-evaluation of key concepts, such as ideology, the object, the archive, and information, this issue will offer conceptual tools to question the becoming digital of cultural artifacts.

At the intersection of theories of biopower and critiques of culture industry, it has become clear that the rising technical control and modulation of the human milieu and the governing of individual and social experience through the instrumentalization of images (Flusser, 2011), leads to the generalized proletarianization of collective knowledge (Stiegler, 2004). Crucial to tackling the political impact of the cybernetic and telematic society, such works are also valuable for addressing the shift in today’s modes of subjectivation where culture is increasingly performed at the level of algorithms.

Anaïs Nony, Editor.